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Example of a Forest Boone Pop Art Sculpture




Maxwell House coffee, Jim Beam whiskey, Hershey's chocolate, KY Jelly, and the tar-like juice from the end of several A Y C Grenadier cigars was all put in a blender, blended together. The sculpted hand prints were then buffed with the combined ingredients, hence Pop Art (since these are all brand names). The growing surgical tubing provides the narrative of how we, as adults, abuse these things. The ingredients symbolize our full-blown addictions as adults and how we got this way. Papa Bears chair has been ridden hard (the hand prints and heel carvings (where th heels physically lock into that bottom slat) indicate where the third chair (post infancy and adolescence) has been ridden hard-to the point of addiction. Stylistically, the piece incorporates not only Pop Art, but Fluids Works; Narrative; and Conceptual Art to describe an ever increasing sick society.