Forest Boone Studio


After working and living in London, England and then on the island of Kauai, Forest is currently working again in his hometown of Louisville, Ky. Large scale public art and bronze sculpture is his primary focus.



Original, large-scale fine art; custom cast bronze statuary; large-scale public monuments and fountains; also a restorer of and installer of fine art bronzes. Designer and builder of: large-scale art installations; architectural spaces; and themed environments. Bold new innovations in: large-scale mold making; larger-than-life monolithic rock fountains; naturalistic waterfalls (indoors or out); site-specific installations for animal habitats, zoos, and botanical gardens; municipality and private garden commissions; and more than a dozen museum installations across the US.



Mr. Boone has experience working with a wide array of mediums over the past 20 years, including bronze; copper; steel; pewter; stone; glass; grout; textiles; light projections; and 24k gold. Making his own molds since graduate school, he takes pleasure in casting his sculptures into the very molds he makes from his sculpted clay patterns and has a firm understanding of all phases of research & development, often working alongside prominent:  engineers; laser scanning specialists; as well as other international artists and accomplished architects.




Designed, developed, built, and installed numerous large-scale public sculptures and site-specific installations in the US and overseas; awarded six US design patents; architectural designer and builder of new building construction-interior spaces; designer and builder of custom bronze statuary; restoration of historic fountains for municipalities; designed, fabricated, and successfully executed a cast sculpture in the world's most voluminous mold; over 25 years of intellectual property and copyright law experience; partnered with an international corporation for custom fabrication and manufacturing; inventor & national product development for a firm abroad; permanent sculpture installations outside the continental US, as well as various domestic institutions, including The Smithsonian's History of Science and Man.

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